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Please note, payment information will be required upon check out but you will not be charged for our free 0871 numbers. If you would rather complete the order over the phone, please call our team on free phone 0800 093 2193 for assistance.

0870 numbers are also available from us.

Simply visit one of the below links and choose from the free 0871 numbers or 0870 numbers available without a price:

0871 numbers are free to obtain and free to connectConnect an 0871 number to your mobile for just £4.97

Like our free 0844 numbers, we at alphaTALK are able to give away our standard 0871 numbers for free. There are no connection fees, no minimum terms or contracts, and your callers are charged at a fixed rate of just 10p per minute.

You can also earn up to 5p per minute on received calls through rebates. Please note, a minimum of £10 per month must be generated for payments to be made. Special rebate rates are available to those that are able to generate high volumes of calls on their 0871 numbers.

We also have a range of more memorable 0871 numbers, subject to a connection charge.


0871 Numbers FAQ

How can free 0871 numbers help with my business?

  • - Earn up to 5p per minute of rebate on received calls
  • - Your customers only pay a fixed rate of 10p per minute
  • - You and your business incur no call charges
  • - Our standard 0871 numbers are free!
  • - A wide choice of 0871 numbers available
  • - No need to re-print stationery - just take your number with you
  • - Hide your physical location if you do business in a wide area
  • - Create the impression of a larger company
  • - Marketing data at your fingertips with our call data reports
  • - No minimum contract
  • - Free unlimiated alphaTALK technical support

What options are available for free 0871 numbers?

Just like the other products we provide, there is a wide variety of 0871 numbers to choose from. From our standard selection, you are able to receive free 0871 numbers from us at alphaTALK with no connection charge and no monthly line rental. Your callers pay the fixed of 10p per minute with no cost to you or your business. These 0871 numbers can be directed to a UK landline or mobile almost instantly. They can also be re-directed as many times as you wish; some of our clients re-direct numbers between landlines and mobiles several times a day.

We can also provide call data reports that feature valuable marketing information such as call frequency, duration, location and much more. Our call data reports are particularly useful when advertising contracts are due for renewal, offering a new dimension on statistics and performance.

Any of our standard additional services can now be added free of charge to any of our 0871 numbers. These services include call recording, auto-attendant, divert to many and time-of-day routing. Our popular Fax to Email and Voice to Email services are also completely free of charge with any of our non-geographic telephone numbers.

What are free 0871 numbers?

0871 numbers were first introduced by Ofcom in 2000 and have been in regular use ever since. They have been adopted into use by businesses and corporations as a way for clients and customers to contact them, whilst also keeping operational costs to a minimum thanks to no monthly line rental costs.

Here are some organisations and companies that use 0871 numbers:
  • - Virgin Trains' 0871 number: 0871 9774 222
  • - Travelodge's 0871 number: 0871 9 848484
  • - Admiral Insurance's number: 0871 882 0000
Calling our 0871 numbers cost no more than 10p per minute with no call costs incurred by the number holder. Our standard 0871 numbers are available free of charge with no minimum contract. Many businesses have found this to be a good compromise between providing a non-geographical number, but without any of the associated costs and charges of 0800 and 0845 numbers.

What is the difference between 0870 numbers and 0871 numbers?

0871 numbers (and their brother, the 0844 number) were introduced as a replacement for 0870 numbers. 0870 numbers previously had the facility to offer rebates, otherwise known as revenue share. Now, 0870 numbers are simply a non-geographic number without any special feature; think of them as a more expensive to call version of 0845 numbers at 10p per minute.

0871 numbers have now received the revenue share feature where callers will still be charged 10p per minute with our 0871 numbers, but the number holder can earn up to 5p in terms of rebate based on the number of in-bound calls they receive.


0871 Number Pricing

Connection to a landline:
Line rental: No line rental
Call charges: Nil

Connection to a mobile:
Line rental: £4.97 per month
(Plus VAT)
Call charges: Nil

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0871 numbers are free to obtain and can earn you revenue or rebates

We're here to help with 0871 numbers. Simply call us on free phone 0800 093 2193 or email via info@alphatalk.com.

Benefits of 0871 Numbers

Free 0871 numbers
Earn revenue and rebates with our free 0871 numbers. Connect the numbers to landlines or mobiles.

Free line rental and no call charges
There are no costs to you or the business with free line rental and free inbound calls. This applies to landline connections only.

Flexible 0871 numbers
Use 0871 numbers for advertising and marketing purposes.

Free additional IVR services
Our free 0871 numbers have access to a suite of additional services like Voice to Email, Fax to Email. call recording, and auto attendants,

Free technical support
Even our free 0871 numbers come with unlimited alphaTALK support at no extra cost.

Established since 1996
alphaTALK has been around since 1996, making us one of the most established telephone number service providers in the UK.

0871 numbers from alphaTALK

0871 numbers are free to claim from alphaTALK
0871 numbers come with no call charges for you

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