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Business Phone Number Providers

alphaTALK is provider and supplier of telephone numbers and other telecoms services. We're here to assist businesses looking to buy 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers, free 0844 numbers, 0300 numbers and 0330 numbers. These numbers have proven popular with businesses looking to give their customers a memorable 0800 number, or a low cost 0845 number amongst others to call.

alphaTALK has been established since 1996. Contact a member of the team to discuss your telephone number needs.

alphaTALK specialises in helping businesses buy 0800 numbers. 0800 numbers can also be known as free phone numbers due to the fact that they are free to call from UK landlines. 0800 numbers are a great way to attract more callers and will soon be free to call from mobile phones. Visit our 0800 numbers page to see the selection of numbers available.

Our 0845 numbers are a great alternative to free phone 0800 numbers, particularly for businesses that do not need to generate more calls. Calls to 0845 numbers are just 3p per minute UK landlines. Choosing to buy 0845 numbers with us at alphaTALK is easy - simply visit the 0845 numbers page to see our selection.

We are able to give away free 0844 numbers with rebates of 2p per minute of calls received. Our free 0844 numbers have no connection fee, no line rental, and no call charges for the business using the number. Our free 0844 numbers page has more information along with the numbers available.

Our 0300 numbers and 0330 numbers are ideal for businesses where customers typically call from mobile phones. Calls to 0300 and 0330 numbers are treated just like they are 01 or 02 numbers and are from mobiles with inclusive minutes. Take a look at the 0300 numbers and 0330 numbers page for our choice of numbers.

We have a wide variety of local area numbers to buy. Otherwise known as 01 numbers and 02 numbers, local area numbers can help a business give the impression they operate in one city or region whilst physically in another. Head to our dedicated 01 and 02 local area numbers page to see our choice of local numbers available.

International and international toll free numbers are also available from us at alphaTALK. We can supply international numbers for over 50 countries including those in Europe, USA and Asia. We can also provide international toll free numbers to countries that support this service. Visit our international numbers and international toll free numbers page for further advice.

Lastly, we can also provide VOIP phone systems ranging from single handsets to deployment of an entire system for 15 or more users. Our VOIP phones offer great value for money from just £5 per month, per user, with instant savings available on telephone calls - landline calls are just 1p per minute and calls to mobile phones are just 5p per minute. Savings can also be had on international calls with our VOIP offering. Please visit our dedicated VOIP phone page for more information about this service and to purchase.